parkinsons support program, pd gladiators
These classes are supported by a community grant
from the Parkinson’s Foundation.

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PD Gladiators at the Y

YMCA Partnership

The YMCA of Metro Atlanta has teamed up with the Parkinson’s Foundation Georgia, formerly known as the PD Gladiators, to offer a package of PD-specific exercise classes and support that will help people with Parkinson’s design a personal exercise program that is effective, fun and sustainable. Group exercise formats that are offered with a YMCA membership and across the YMCA of Metro Atlanta branches include strength and movement classes, balance and stability classes, group cycling classes and boxing classes. Additionally, THE COACH APPROACH is an exercise adherence program which all new members are highly encouraged to participate in and is also included in a YMCA membership. For more information on the Parkinson’s Foundations please visit

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About the program

Participants will be paired with a YMCA personal wellness coach who will help them work through their exercise-related challenges. Teaching you how to start and stick with exercise will:

• Reduce fatigue and sleep irregularities
• Increase energy levels
• Improve moods
• Prevent disease
• Enhance overall feelings of well-being

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