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Couple excited about pickleball

There are two important components about Pickleball that are never really discussed or considered when playing with one being the paddle location and the other is depth on serve and returns. One is understanding the paddle location is vital to being able to play the point. The only shot that should have a backswing is the serve. The more the paddle is able to consistently get to the appropriate position the better your chances of winning each exchange. This is most important when you are transitioning from the baseline to the net or when you are at the non-Volley Zone in a dink or volley exchange. When you are dinking back and forth with your opponent you should always be looking for the speed up meaning the paddle is going to be higher up to defend any drive off your dink and anticipate the dink second. The ideal position of the paddle is out in front of your body and slightly over to the backhand side (right handers would be at 11 o’clock and left handers at 1 o’clock if 12 is right in front of you) and the height of the paddle is based on the ball you are seeing most from your opponents. The second tip deals with the serve and returns and how they are used to control how the point will be played. Ideally, you try to hit the ball in the back third of the court to obtain the maximum advantage. The best way to do this is when you follow through on either the serve or return the follow through should end up behind your chin and eyes. This gives the ball more depth and in return gives you a tactical advantage to get into the net.

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