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Helping Y Members Start and Stick With Your Exercise and Weight Loss Journey

At the Y, we offer three signature programs to help support your wellness goals! Coach Approach®, Weight Loss For Life and Personal Training offer a personal approach tailored to fit your needs. Read more below and sign up today.

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Coach Approach
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The Y’s signature exercise support program offers one-on-one coaching free for Y members.

We design an exercise plan to help you find what works for your current level of fitness, motivation and work/life balance. This six-month program is safe, fun, highly supportive, and included in your membership. Over six one-on-one sessions, our personal wellness coach will teach you how to start and stick with your exercise program. 

Goals of the program include: 

  • Enhance well-being 
  • Increase energy levels 
  • Improve mood 
  • Prevent disease 

We know that the CDC’s recommended 150 minutes of exercise per week can sound like a mountain but with Coach Approach we can work to create a plan that allows for flexibility while doing activities that you enjoy! 

At the Y we’ll meet you where you are on your exercise journey and we’ll find ways to incorporate exercise into your everyday life while giving you new skills to navigate around barriers that pop up everyday. 

Coach Approach is certified by the National Institutes of Health’s Research-Tested Intervention Program.

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Weight Loss For Life
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Weight Loss For Life adds the next level to our signature Coach Approach program, which has improved the physical activity, self-confidence and the emotional well-being of thousands of Y members. In tandem with Coach Approach, Weight Loss For Life, the next step is establishing wise, controlled eating habits, using behavioral tools that create long-term dietary change!   

Weight Loss For Life is proven. We’ve tested our program over nine years and have more than two years of follow-up results that show both sustained weight loss and a reduction in health risks among our participants.

On average, members lost over 16 pounds over the initial 6 months, and 82% of participants lost even more weight or maintained their weight loss beyond 2 years. 

Weight Loss For Life is for members with a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 25 or greater and is included in your Y membership at no additional cost.

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Personal Training
Coach Approach Instructor

Personal Training at the Y is a one-on-one session with a personal fitness trainer.  Our personal trainers have a national personal training certification and are experienced in working with all sorts of health and wellness goals.   

  • Members are paired with a personal trainer that best meets your needs at your YMCA location.
  • Both 30-minute and 60-minute sessions are available.
  • Personal Training is an additional cost over standard Y membership fees. Costs vary by location.

Contact your Y location to find out more about Personal Training.

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For more information or questions about personal coaching at the Y, contact Jennifer Rewkowski, VP of Wellness at