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The YMCA of Metro Atlanta offers a host of programs for Active Older Adults!

Both land and water-based group exercise classes are a great way to stay active. We offer land-based classes that can be done standing or from a chair, so something for every level. Our Active Older Adult groups are some of the most active groups at the Y and many branches have active older adult luncheons, field trips and other social activities! 

Social activities and exercise are both important components for active older adults because they help with loneliness and prevent feelings of isolation. Organized social classes and groups also provide a sense of purpose and give older adults something to look forward to regularly. 

Check with your local Y to find out more about activities for seniors and active older adults. 

Find the Y closest to you! 

Become a Member

The Y offers memberships that are a fit for all ages and all types of families and individuals. 


Programs for Active Older Adults

Our branches offer a variety of Active Older Adult programs from luncheons to badminton tournaments. Stop by your local branch, or learn more below about programs offered. 

Virtual Programs

Y Members have round the clock access to virtual programs on YMCA360. Check out the Boomers & Beyond category for active older adult classes. 

The Y helps active older adults...

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Focus on Fitness
With options for individuals at all levels of fitness, the Y has group exercise classes and programs that will fit your needs, from strength and balance class to walking clubs.
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Find Wellness Support
The Y offers chronic disease prevention and health support programs including blood pressure self management, Diabetes Prevention, Parkinson’s Disease classes and more.
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Connect with Others
Sometimes it’s hard to make new friends and find people you want to connect with. The Y is a great place to gather for coffee and get to know other older adults.
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Engage in Community
The Y offers opportunities to volunteer and participate in so many community activities. From reading to kids to helping with hunger relief programs – you can find your fitness.