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Strong Mind, Strong Body

The Y offers high-quality martial arts programming for children in an encouraging, non-intimidating, and family-friendly environment. Our instructors promote hard work, discipline, honor, integrity, and respect for themselves and others. Regardless of which martial arts program you choose, your child will benefit physically and mentally from the discipline instilled through these Y programs. 

Martial Arts at the YMCA of Metro Atlanta varies from branch to branch. Please check with your local branch to determine the best fit for your child. 

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Martial Arts at the Y helps your child...

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Build Self-confidence
When kids are active in sports their self-esteem grows as they learn how strong their bodies are and develop physical skills and self-reliance.
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Practice Sportsmanship
Being a good sport shows respect for others and helps keep competition in perspective. Understanding sportsmanship fosters positive habits.
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Gain New Skills
Kids learn the basics of martial arts and refine existing skills under the supervision of caring, skilled, and supportive coaches and instructors.
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Learn Discipline
Practicing martial arts regularly helps kids learn the importance of discipline, organization, showing self-control, and staying focused.

Financial Assistance

At the Y, no one is ever turned away from programs or memberships due to an inability to pay. Community giving helps to support financial assistance to those in need.

Virtual Y

YMCA members can access youth sports videos, martial arts tutorials, and more anywhere, anytime with YMCA360. Your training can continue even between practices!

Strong Mind

Martial arts offers an opportunity to not only enhance your physical health but your mental health too. Learn more about the mental benefits of martial arts in this interesting article!

I love that athletes of every ability and skill level have the option of playing youth sports through the YMCA.

YMCA Youth Sports Parent