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Advanced Leadership Academy at YMCA Camp High Harbour 

The Advanced Leadership Academy develops life applicable leadership skills in participants ages 13-16. Through our Service, Adventure, Leadership, and Technical (SALT) model, young leaders will establish attributes that will help them advance as leaders not only at camp, but within their schools and communities. 
Our two leadership development programs are: 

  • Advanced Leadership Camper (ALC) - for 8th and 9th graders 
  • Leader In Training (LIT) - for 9th and 10th graders 

Advanced Leadership Academy Programs are available at both YMCA Camp High Harbour locations – Lake Allatoona and Lake Burton – throughout the summer. Read more about each program below.

Advanced Leadership Camper (ALC) Program

This program is for young people who are ready to take the first step into leadership. ALCs will be exposed to two weeks of hands-on, highly interactive leadership training. Your future leader will learn everything from personal presentation skills and peer leadership, to leading small groups. YMCA Camp High Harbour Advanced Leadership Camp helps instill confidence and independence to inspire the leader in your child.  

For current 8th and 9th graders
Course Description 
This two-week experience will be focused on leadership by serving others and learning to lead by supporting others. Past participants have served seniors in assisted living facilities, animals through the Humane Society, the environment, and young day campers through YMCA Camp High Harbour's Day Camp. Teenagers who are in the Advanced Leadership Camp have positively affected thousands of people through their actions and service. Not only do ALCs help others, but they also grow into kind, competent leaders. 

Course Features 
Service – Assist in delivering camp programs 
Adventure – Ropes, boats and more! 
Leadership – Morning & Evening Devotions, Daily Leadership Classes, Teamwork 
Technical Training – Learn Basic Ropes, Small Group Training, Hands On Training, Email Etiquette, Resume Building 

Leader In Training (LIT) Program

This program is designed for young people who are ready to take the next giant leap in leadership. LITs get hands-on experience using their leadership skills during their time at camp by encouraging other campers, sharing a positive attitude - and even washing camper dishes. LITs are often referred to as the “backbone” of YMCA Camp High Harbour. They are the first to wake in the morning, the last to go to bed at night, and they lead activities throughout the day. YMCA Camp High Harbour and the Leader In Training program will help to fine tune and grow your child’s leadership abilities. 

For current 9th and 10th graders. 
Course Description 
This three-week experience is focused around serving others and growing in the YMCA’s character values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility. Leadership development is also about having fun and creating friendships! LITs will bond over campfires, gain confidence on the ropes course, and so much more. LITs at YMCA Camp High Harbour learn by doing as they help lead their fellow campers during their camp experience. 

Course Features 
Service - Mentor Campers, Perform Camp Duties, and Complete Community Service Projects  
Adventure - Ropes Course Challenge and more! 
Leadership – Daily Devotions, Daily Leadership Class, Teaching Skills, Teamwork, Communication Skills  
Technical Training - On Site Skill Training, Presentation Skills, Resume Building, Email Etiquette